About BB

What Is BB About?

BB is about winning. BB is about having fun. BB is about the hustle, loyalty, courage, bravery, strength, ability, and respect. BB is about its loving soldiers, that are good fighters and great friends that help carry you to the end. BB is about standing up to your enemy no matter what size. Trying your hardest in everything you do. As you see BB is about many things. So be proud to be a Black Bandit. Live The Legacy. Join BB Today!


  • BB is not evil, BB just robs for fun and stands up in what they believe in. We still want peace in Club Penguin.
  • BB is about a medium sized army. With around 35 active troops.
  • BB Leaders are Klimster Gambler21777 and Lordcody56
  • BB’s home server is Tundra.


Black Bandits use to be one of the most powerful armies in Club Penguin. When they first started out with Snowy 559 and Rudolf 23 (The legends that created this army). They would rob in Tundra daily and get penguins to join. Once they got enough troops they formed an army called the Black Bandits. They would rob Tundra and destroy penguin’s hearts, and NO ONE could stop them. WW (Watex Warriors) and FGR (Fort Ghost Reacon) where mostly the armies concerned and affected by the Black Bandits. They would chase the Black Bandits around daily. But “BB” would easily crush them. after about a month BB was one of the best armies out there with over 200 troops. WW and FGR could not take it anymore.. They called in the big armies like RPF (Rebel Penguin Federation) ACP (Army Club Penguin) UMA (Underground Mafias Army) Nachos and more… (Mostly the RPF) This is how the LEGENDARY Tundra War was created that would never be forgotten… Snowy, Rudolf, and there troops were never afraid of a challenge… The other armies got to work and created “Operation Tundra Clearing” There plan was to DESTROY the Black Bandits. They would send groups out to patrol Tundra daily and if they saw any sign of BB they would report to their leader immediately… Well that didn’t work as much because BB didn’t give a crap and would just destroy there little groups… So they started a HUGE war in the Tundra Dojo. BB vs. ALL. At times BB was winning, loosing, tying… (I give them credit for having no allies or help in this battle) As most of us know.. The battle ended up in the other armies favor.. BB had lost and had been kicked out of Tundra.. At that time BB just started falling apart… They were loosing troops left and right… When Gambler21777 (BB Co – Leader) quit, it seemed like that was the beginning of the end… BB eventually lost some of their best troops… Their leaders Snowy and Rudolf eventually called it quits and announced BB’s end. Many troops of BB tried to restart BB… and take over and try and get them back on top… They didn’t succeed. Then maybe a month or so after BB was gone some former BB troops were at the Dojo thinking of how much they missed BB and their great friends and the parties (BB had some of the best parties… they had BINGO PARTIES!! PEPSI PARTIES!! and most of the BB’s favorite THE NEW YEARS EVE PARTY!!) They had an idea to bring BB back! once Snowy found out about this He immediately took action and made a new BB site and got almost new everything and started recruiting… They were becoming dominant again… Not nearly as strong as last time… but they were hanging in there… Also, the new BB was allies with their old rivals WW (Watex Warriors) It was all going good.. BB turned good and started allying everyone… It was all back to normal.. but the problem that soon happened was when there was land trouble in Tundra… People were in the BB Chat one day… and Dialga 80 (WW Leader) and his WW were saying BB owned nothing and was making fun of BB and their leader snowy. He got mad and banned all of the WW and then all hell broke loose and they started a war… It was just like usual were they’d call in all their allies… BB had a hard fight but they lost and thats when some people started to quit(Ricopetbob, Rudolf 23, Justinbronze, Zipod…) and BB soon got inactive (again…) Their leader (Snowy) tried to get them back in shape and back in Club Penguin. But that did not work. Soon Blast46 retired (one of the best troops) Snowy eventually stepped down (quit) and put Lordcody56 in charge as main leader. Lordcody had so many things to get BB active again… but none of them seemed to work, finaly Lordcody quit. BB was no where without a leader. Snowy eventually made a post on the site announcing BB’s final end. Many will never forget the Black Bandits. In my book, and i hope in many others, BB was one of the greatest expieriences in not only my cp life, but my real life as well. Live on BB, we will never forget you *Salutes* OH MY! WHATS THIS? BB IS COMING BACK? AND THEIR LEADERS ARE KLIMSTER AND LORDCODY56? COOL!

Facts Along The Way of BB:

BB becomes one of the most dominant armies in CP.

BB loses a huge war and eventually dies out.

Spaceybirdy was with some former BB and had the idea to bring BB back.

Snowy 559 gets banned forever and creates a penguin named Klimster.

Snowy steps down and puts Lordcody56 as main bb leader.

Many BB eventually quit which leads to the final fall of BB.

BB comes back for the second time.

Written By: Snowy 559/Klimster

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